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Project-Based Learning


Course Selection

In our independent PBL model, students pick which course to work on because they have a deep understanding of their graduation pathway. 

Information Entered Into LMS

All pertinent information is added to our learning management systems. 


Students are given a grade once they have worked the required number of hours to earn course credit and have shown mastery evidence in all learning targets.


Students work with their guide teacher to come up with ideas around content and deliverable items.

Timeline Creation and Benchmarks

Students plan out major milestones and create a timeline for hitting certain benchmarks.

Going Public

We want our students to be proud of the work they do. The reason students go public with their deliverable item is to show off their work. 

Statement of Intent

This is the first time a student goes public with their idea. The statement of intent is a visual representation of what the student plans to accomplish. 

Rubric Creation

Students create rubrics with their teacher based off of the I Can Statements they hope to show mastery of. 

Final Reflection and Deliverable in Portfolio

The final step for the student is to post a final reflection and documentation of their deliverable into their portfolio.

Project Conference with Initial Deliverable Idea

Once an idea has been formed, students meet with their advisor to discuss initial plans and pitch their deliverable idea. 

Project Work and Reflection

Students work through their timeline and create a reflection for every five hours of work completed. 


This is the framework we use for all independent PBL at Dottke. Once a student completes the process, they repeat it for later courses.