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About Us

Our History

Dottke High School has been meeting the needs of students for over 37 years. In 1983, we began serving a small group of highly at-risk students and have slowly grown to educate up to 250 students. During this time, the staff at Dottke has been on the forefront of best practices in education and leaders in educational change in the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District. Over and over, students and parents have said how life-altering attending Dottke has been for themselves or their student. Their only complaint has been that Dottke has typically only served credit-deficient upperclassmen and they needed to wait to enroll. Continuing with the theme of serving our community, we have heard those complaints and are now offering enrollment options for 9th-12th grade students to better meet those needs. 

Our Students

The perfect Dottke student is one that is looking for something different in their education. They want to have a strong connection with their school, but haven’t been able to find that yet. A Dottke student is passionate and opinionated in ways that differ from a traditional student. They want to be heard, but many times haven’t found the voice to do so. They are unique and talented in ways that are not always explored in a larger high school. If you believe your child is a good fit for Dottke, contact us to find out more about our application and interview process. 

Flexible Scheduling

The school day at Dottke runs from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm and is comprised of classes, seminars and Advisory (a daily block of time where students work on building and creating amazing representations of their learning). Each student at Dottke has an individualized schedule that fits their specific graduation pathway and post-secondary plans.

Project Based Learning

Dottke is a deeper learning project based high school. Student complete authentic projects far more often than they are assessed in traditional ways. This provides opportunities for feedback and enhances student growth.

Teaching the Whole Student

All students should leave high school with certain knowledge, but not all students leave with the “soft skills” they need to be successful in life outside of high school. A Dottke graduate has had intentional instruction in the areas of problem solving, communication, and self directed learning. This better prepares them for the complexities of adult life.

Deeper Learning

Dottke High School is a deeper learning school. We work hard to develop academic mindsets, effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving strategies, and 

Restorative Practices

We have developed a family feel at Dottke by using Restorative Practices to build community and resolve conflicts. Community-building and restorative circles are the norm here and the primary ways we maintain our strong culture. 

Service Learning and Leadership

Service learning and leadership courses have existed at Dottke since 2010. Students in these courses participate in volunteer opportunities and have extensive, targeted leadership training. 

Want to become a member of the Dottke Family?

We are now accepting applications for students enrolled in the West Allis West Milwaukee School District.

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